Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition Communications Committee

MVDC is a publicly facing organization whose continual messaging to our membership and to the public are essential to our mission. The charter of the committee is two-fold: To develop an organized system for MVDC to assign, create, issue and oversee both internal and external communications and to maintain an effective and up-to-date website.

The scope and magnitude of the communications requirements may be appreciated by considering the task list below:


Board of Trustees Communications

  • Create and Maintain Meeting Calendar
  • Meeting Notifications and venue setting
  • Draft Meeting agenda w/Chair
  • Draft Meeting minutes for Chair
  • Monitor, vet and/or draft responses to MVDC emails and other correspondence
  • Identify potential public relations opportunities
  • Draft, revise and issue monthly updates to membership

Committee Communications

  • Meeting Notifications
  • Meeting Calendar
  • Develop Template for Monthly Committee Status Reports
  • Assure committee reports are timely available prior to Trustees meetings

Membership Communications

  • Meeting Notifications
  • Meeting Calendar
  • Maintain MVDC Membership Data Base
  • Maintain Membership Survey Data Base and perform searches as requested
  • Draft Communications to Membership

External Communications


  • Develop standards & guidelines for content acceptability
  • Develop and manage content (for review, where necessary)
  • Receive, review & update submitted content


  • Maintain/improve website technical functionality
  • Develop operating standards & guidelines
  • Monitor and manage Website Content
  • Receive, review & update
  • Establish on-line, searchable resource library to create the “go-to” source of racial justice materials on the island


  • Draft press releases, news items, articles and other external communiques
  • Identify & Coordinate MVDC PR Opportunities (radio, tv, social media, etc)
  • Issue approved releases to external outlets and post to the website



  • Develop standards and guidelines for the administrating secure access (to be defined )to MVDC Website and Data Files