MVDC Education Committee

The MVDC Education Committee exists to collaboratively work with schools and other groups to support anti-racist initiatives that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging in their staffing, training, curricula, and programs.

Interfaith Committee

People of faith from the wide array of belief systems which prioritize racial equity find a place in our Interfaith Committee. Together we identify ways that we can collaborate to promote awareness of the universal dignity and rights of all races and to bring into action practices to eradicate racism.

Criminal Justice Committee

Our charter is to identify injustices wherever they occur in the criminal justice system and to work to change policies through initiatives designed to bring about significant and measurable change in both practices and the personal convictions needed to make those practices have lasting effectiveness.

Photo courtesy of the MV Times

Health Disparities Committee

Limitations to access to healthcare and the cost of equitable medical and hospital care are well-known for their association with racial injustice. Our committee works to bring about change through collaboration with both island and state organizations and institutions as well as to develop programs to provide direct health-related services where we can supplement or enhance existing programs, e.g. getting people of color the opportunity for vaccinations during the pandemic.

Communications Committee

At the center of all that MVDC does, communicating our actions and the need for help and support in furthering our Mission and Vision is essential. This occurs through our outreach to many people and organizations across the island, the media, our own expanding membership and community leaders, all of whom, acting together, can enact the changes needed to create a racially just society. Essential to reaching out and impacting policies and peoples’ lives is a substantial and varied system of communications through our website, press releases, news articles, social media, sponsored forums and public events.