Our Mission, Vision, and Charter

Our Mission, Vision, and Charter2024-01-15T17:41:50-05:00

Our Mission

To Lay the Groundwork to Eradicate Racism

Through our projects and programs, our diverse MVDC Board and committees seek to identify and eliminate racism in institutions and in the community; we work with community agencies, schools, the MV Hospital, and with Island Police Departments, in order to help them make diversity, equity and inclusion a reality, rather than a concept.

Our Vision

We envision an Island and an America where people of all backgrounds have equal respect and access to opportunities and where the survival of America as a democracy is no longer threatened by racism, discrimination and hate. We hope for an America that understands how diversity enriches the fabric of our lives. While the eradication of racism will not occur in the near future, we are committed to building a foundation on Martha’s Vineyard that will serve as a model for other communities across the country.

Our Charter

The MVDC works with community partners to build a unified Island where all people feel that they belong, and where every child is given the opportunity to be their “best self.”

MVDC projects are designed to build a community where equality, equity, inclusion, trust, respect, and understanding are commonplace. Through collaboration, networking, education, training, and consulting, MVDC promotes unity in order to build a more “beloved community.”

Latest News

The Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition’s Communications Committee makes a concerted effort to generate our content as well as disseminate our message via local media. Some of these items are featured below. Thank you for your interest!

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