Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Periodic Board Self-Assessment Questionnaires are a common best practice of Non Profit and Corporate Board of Directors. Generally speaking, Board self-assessment are much like having well-check health visits with your doctor. The examination helps identify mild symptoms of something that could lead to poor health if you choose not to address.

Board assessments are much like having that regular well-check ‘health’ visit. They tell the Board if there really is a problem or if problems are lurking just below the surface. They help identify gaps in the Board skill set, identify issues or concerns that when identified, discussed and collectively addressed help Boards improve their communications, decision-making, policy development, strengthen how they work together and remain accountable for their actions.

As a Board, we have collectively agreed and committed to participating in our first MVDC Board Self-Assessment. Your responses and other feedback will help us to be an even better leadership team as we carry out our mission to help eradicate racism in our beloved community and be a model for other communities.

This assessment questionnaire should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Please be sure to respond to all questions in the survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Board Self-Assessment Survey and submitting your completed questionnaire by no later than Wednesday, September 29.

Strongly disagree (1)Disagree (2)Neutral (3)Agree (4)Strongly agree (5)
Our organization has a three to five-year strategic plan or a set of clear long range goals and priorities.
The board’s meeting agenda clearly reflects our strategic plan or priorities.
The board has insured that the organization also has a one-year operational or business plan.
The Board gives direction to MVDC Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs.
The Board ensures that the organization’s accomplishments and challenges are communicated to members and stakeholders.
The Board has ensured that members and stakeholders have received reports on how our organization has used its financial and human resources.
Strongly disagree (1)Disagree (2)Neutral (3)Agree (4)Strongly agree (5)
Board members are aware of what is expected of them.
The agenda of board meetings is well planned so that we are able to get through all necessary board business.
It seems like most board members come to meetings prepared.
We receive written reports to the board in advance of our meetings.
All board members participate in important board discussions.
We do a good job encouraging and dealing with different points of view.
We all support the decisions we make.
The board has taken responsibility for recruiting new board members.
The board has planned and led the orientation process for new board members.
The board has a plan for director education and further board development.
Our board meetings are always interesting.
Our board meetings are frequently fun.
Strongly disagree (1)Disagree (2)Neutral (3)Agree (4)Strongly agree (5)
There is a clear understanding of where the Board’s role ends and the committees' begins.
There is good two-way communication between the Board and the committees.
The Board trusts the judgment of the committees.
The Board provides direction to the committees by setting new policies or clarifying existing ones.
The Board has discussed as communicated the kinds of information and level of detail it requires from the committees on what is happening in the organization.
The board has developed formal criteria and a process for evaluating the effectiveness of each MVDC Committee
The Board, or Executive Committee of the Board, has formally evaluated each MVDC Committee within the last 12 months.’
The Board evaluates the committees primarily on the accomplishment of the organization’s strategic goals and priorities and adherence to policy.
The Board provides feedback and shows its appreciation to the committees on a regular basis.
The Board ensures that the committees are able to take advantage of professional development opportunities.
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
I am aware of what is expected of me as a board member.
I have a good record of meeting attendance.
I read the minutes, reports and other materials in advance of our board meetings.
I am familiar with what is in the organization’s by-laws and governing policies.
I frequently encourage other board members to express their opinions at board meetings.
I am encouraged by other board members to express my opinions at board meetings.
I am a good listener at board meetings.
I follow through on things I have said I would do.
I maintain the confidentiality of all board decisions.
When I have a different opinion than the majority, I raise it.
I support board decisions once they are made even if I do not agree with them.
I promote the work of our organization in the community whenever I had a chance to do so.
I stay informed about issues relevant to our mission and bring information to the attention of the board.

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